What is Airsoft?

The game Airsoft is a hobbie or sometimes a sport to people. The game airsoft is a somewhat of a tactical game and is allowed in some areas around the world, there are multiple ways to play airsoft and specific play areas for certain places that hold airsoft games: indoor play area and outdoor area in refurbished abandoned location and historical location thats been converted into a safe and playable airsoft field. But hold your horses before you go and play we need to discuss about what type of replica you'll be using, what is a replica? well glad you ask an AirSoft Replica (Airsoft guns are replica toy guns used in airsoft sports) means a spring-operated, gas-operated, or battery-operated replica firearm made of hard plastic or light metal that fires plastic or other nonmetallic projectiles.

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" TAB Airsoft Game - 02.25.12" by MonkeysMumsie is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 .

How to start

Alright, now we're going to start talking about what you'll be needing to start playing Airsoft, Yay! So what you'll be needing is a replica, "but where do I get one?" you may ask but don't worry it's easy just look for a nearby airsoft Store but if there isn't one nearby just look online for a retailer, I'll recommand Looking up these online retailers: Airsoft GI, Evike.com, RedWolf Airsoft, TOKYO MARUI, ARES,etc; these are all good retailers to go buy high quality airsoft guns. Now that we have our airsoft gun now we need protective gear so you don't injured while playing in the dangerous repurposed fields and once again I'm going to give you some retailers to look at: Valken, Airsoft Station, Fox Airsoft, or Airsoft Extreme, etc. These are the best retailers to buy high quality for airsoft or you could take the simpler route of just buying a starter kit for around $50 to $100.


This is the last part, don't worry it not to long just simple rules

pretty long but you get the idea, just follow the rules and have fun.